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Construction Heavy Duty Equipment 101: Important Considerations on Gantry Cranes

Huge and heavy duty building equipment always come with a huge advantage when it comes to the construction industry. This is due to the fact that there are extremely heavy materials or objects involved in every construction project, and the right tools are necessary to get the job done well. Larger buildings such as manufacturing warehouses, sweatshops, and industrialized plants make use of large pieces of equipment such as forklifts, gantry cranes, and others. This article highlights the gantry cane and what should be the proper considerations on using and buying one for your construction project. If you’re looking for a gantry crane in Australia, you can also gain insight from this article as we tackle the important considerations for buying the specific type of construction gantry crane available to match the nature of the building project you’re working on.

The Different Types of Gantry Canes

What is a gantry crane and what is its main function and purpose?

Like any construction equipment, a gantry crane is a bridge or overhead crane that lifts extremely heavy materials. This is a key component in construction sites as it enables the equipment to move vertically with the help of one or more rails and a trolley. You can also find this equipment in action at ship harbors and train stations to lift heavyweight freight.

Although the function of these gantry canes is quite obvious, you still need to choose the right one depending on your specific needs of the project you have planned.

gantry crane

The varieties of the gantry crane include:

·         Overhead gantry crane – it is inclusive of overhead wheels that functions by placing it perpendicularly to reach every scope of the construction site. This is characteristically used in more advanced and radical construction work.

·         Workstation gantry crane – in smaller areas like factories, machine shops, or the confines of a small-scale construction site, these gantry canes can lift and move cargo without worrying about big obstructions.

·         Aluminum gantry crane – this type is popular because of its portable nature. It features quick assembly and disassembly and easy storage perfect for smaller scale construction and manufacturing projects. It is also cost-effective and made of very lightweight materials as compared with the other types.

·         Portal gantry crane – construction maneuvers and operations that are more complicated are supported by this basic type of gantry cane. Its wheels and straight pillars have a fixed mechanism used to lift heavy rail cargo.

What kind of gantry crane should I buy?

If you’re aiming to find Australia gantry crane firms that sell one for every possible construction possible, you might not have very good luck. There are many considerations to determine first before investing with a construction equipment firm Australia has available today. Here are some of them to keep in mind:

1. Crane Capacity – the crane trolley and hoist’s capacity should be determined first before committing to one specific type. Ideally, the proportions must either be equal or in excess of the maximum load you plan to put on the crane.

2. Crane Overall Height – The ideal crane to buy will always depend on your project’s blueprint and planned building height.

3. Crane Overhead Obstruction – it is also crucial to check the premise or site you’re working at. Various things can be an obstruction for gantries like ceilings or support beams so make sure to inspect the site first.

4. Crane Chain Fall – the length of the chain provided for lifting should be dependent on what you plan to use the crane for.