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Top Benefits of Bowen Therapy

Almost similar to massage practice, Bowen Therapy is a holistic and alternative treatment for tendons, muscle, and the overall connective tissue in the whole body. The principle behind the practice is to tap the healing power of the body. During the treatment, a certified therapist uses fingers and thumbs to move the tissues and muscles. If you need the service in Canberra, you can consult a reliable Bowen therapist Canberra has to offer.

The process is non-invasive, just focusing on stimulating the neuro-muscular system to balance the energy flow and enhance self-healing. For reliable information about a Bowen therapist Canberra has to offer, try visiting The Pillar Practice. While some people may mistake it for massage, Bowen Therapy is more relaxed and the moves are gentler. It is interspersed with breaks, which allow the body to heal.

What conditions does it help?

Bowen therapy is ideal for muscle and skeletal-related problems. It can also help alleviate ankle, knee, neck, and back pain. With best Bowen therapist Canberra has to offer, you could also get relief with lymphatic circulation and heart-related issues. Experts also believe that Bowen therapy could help alleviate stress related conditions.

Bowen Therapy and stress

Almost everyone experiences stress at some point in life. The body’s endocrine system helps deal with stress by producing the right hormones into the bloodstream. The hormones work by increasing the heart rate. This leads to increased breathing rate as well. While a small amount of stress may not cause health issues, too much stress leads to complications such as high blood pressure.

With a certified Canberra Bowen therapist, you could get many benefits. Primary benefits of the practice include:

·         Improved mobility

·         Reduced stress

·         Pain relief

·         Lymphatic drainage

·         Enhanced blood circulation

·         Relief from asthma, depression, and Plantar fasciitis

How Bowen Therapy works

First, a certified therapist performs an assessment on your condition. After the assessment, the therapist would recommend that you drink a glass of water to hydrate your body and tissues fully. Hydration is helpful for the treatment of nerves, tendons, and tissues. The expert then uses fingers and thumbs to create specific movements on specific muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments. After each manipulation, the therapist allows the patient to rest period, which allows the body to heal and repair. The number of rest periods depends on how the patient responds to the treatment.

On the initial consultation, the therapist takes your history on health and medical issues. The therapist should take a special note on your current condition. The therapy can be done on bare skin or in tight clothing. You can discuss with your therapist before the beginning of the treatment. After the end of the treatment, your therapist will ask you to drink more water for adequate hydration of cells and tissues.

Adhere to the sequence

In order to get the most from Bowen therapy, it is advisable to follow the sequence provided by the therapist. A reliable Bowen therapist in Canberra would offer appropriate advice on this before you start the session.