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Uses of Polystyrene Foam You May Not Be Aware Of

With the growing use of polystyrene foam in the contemporary times, environmentalists are trying to find ways to recycle it into other utilities so that the non-biodegradable property of this product does not harm the environment. There are several uses of this product and due to its chemical composition it seems the apt material to be put in to those usages. This article highlights some of the major uses of this product in contemporary times.

  • Car seating: When you look at the seats of the car, before making sure that it is covered in beautiful seat covers, you are actually looking at the bare interior of the car seat which is made with polystyrene foam. This material is chosen to make the seats sturdy and long lasting in nature.
  • Packaging of items: Because the material is very sturdy, long lasting and noise and shock protective, it is used to make the packaging for several food items like eggs, fish, meat, dairy products and the like. Often you see the paper like trays which are used to carry coffee or tea cups. Those trays are also made with a variant of this product. Since it is strong enough to carry and heat resistant, it does not affect your hands when you carry hot cups on it.
  • Wine Cork: Ever noticed how hard wine corks are? They are hard so that the taste and flavour of the wine is trapped inside the bottles. These corks are made with polystyrene materials. This is one of the best materials to manufacture corks because it is sturdy, strong, makes a great packaging material and shock absorbent in nature.
  • Bins: Most of the garbage bins that you place outside your homes to collect the trash are made of this material. The properties of this material are such that it is one of the most desirable materials to sculpt it into a garbage bin. Furthermore, it is easily available and cost effective for the manufacturers. Check out at Poly Productions
  • Mannequins: It might be news and information to many of you but the pretty mannequins that you see wearing some of the most fashionable dresses in the stores and shopping malls are made with polystyrene foam. There are a few basic reasons for it. First, it is sturdy and makes it easier to handle and dress it up whenever required. Second, it is shock absorbent and thus even if it falls it is hard to break. At the most cracks may develop but complete breakage would require tremendous force.
  • Helmets: There is a reason why it is advised that you must wear your helmets all the time while riding a bike. A helmet protects your head from any damage in the unfortunate event of an accident. It is strong, shock absorbent and protective in nature. These are the very qualities present in polystyrene which make it a desirable material to manufacture helmets.

These are some of the significant products where polystyrene foam is used in large numbers. If you would like to know more about this product, its properties, its utilities and manufacturing, then you can browse various websites like for your reference on this subject.